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It’s always a party on the “Tonight Show” set and on January 21st Jennifer Aniston had a blast with her old pal Jimmy Fallon.

The “Horrible Bosses” babe showed up at Rockefeller Center to plug her new Oscar-snubbed movie “Cake,” and before long she was deep into one of Jimmy’s famous games- the infamous Lip Flip!

As Aniston, Jimmy talked about getting excited about Bonnaroo Festival- “I’m going to eat mac and cheese in a tent with my fingers.” Then Jen gave her Super Bowl pick- “I’m going with the Pats all the way, bro.” Fallon fired back, “Seattle dude… Totally, like we got all the weed man… got the Starbucks, the Space Needle, weed. Oh hey, did I say we got weed?!”

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He scored big with Mila Kunis during her press tour for “Oz: The Great and Powerful,” but reporter Chris Stark didn’t have quite the same luck while chatting with Jennifer Aniston.

The lovable BBC personality conducted an interview with the “Friends” actress about her new flick “Horrible Bosses 2” and it turned out that his boss Scott Mills set him up to be royally humiliated.

When Chris asked Jennifer about how she “makes the first move” with a guy, Aniston immediately became tense and declared the query to be “inappropriate.”

And after a few more moments of discomfort, Mills came in to let Stark know that he’d been had. Check the clip!

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Never one to take herself too seriously, Jennifer Aniston played a silly prank during her appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week.

The “Horrible Bosses 2” star put on an inflatable bra before her interview and at one point her chest began growing ever so rapidly.

Aniston and DeGeneres played a game called “Last Word” in which they both took turns shouting out word substitutes for curse terms.

And by the end of the segment, Jennifer was many times her usual bust size. She joked, “This is my version of the [Kim Kardashian], but the forward one.”

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Stepping off the set of her comedy “Horrible Bosses 2,” Jennifer Aniston scored a feature in the latest issue of Parade magazine. During her interview with the publication, “The Break-Up” star dished about her personal life and opened up about her surprising “awkward stage.”

Check out GossipCenter’s recap of Miss Aniston’s Q&A session below. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Parade!

On loving her life:
“My life is so fantastic. I’m so happy. There are a lot of exciting things that I’m excited about doing. We’re about to do a sequel to ‘Horrible Bosses,’ which is such a fun character for me. And I think I’m going to try at some point next year to direct a full-length feature, which I’m extremely excited about. I’m just so happy and I’m grateful for my fans. I just hope I keep doing work that they love.”

On watching reruns of “Friends”:
“I actually will always stop and watch, not for the whole thing, but usually because I’ve forgotten a lot of the episodes. It’s sort of fun for a second, I’m like, what’s this one? And sometimes it comes back to me. I always know what year it was by what length my hair was or what color.”

On learning from her 30s:
“That there’s nothing to worry about — although I don’t think I had a care in the world at 25, either. That all started in my 30s, my awkward phase. I’m a little bit of a late bloomer! But it doesn’t matter to me because it just gets better. They do say youth is wasted on the young, but I feel just as youthful now — if not more — than I did when I was 25. I’m more in my body; I’m more in my mind. Life is full. Life is wonderful. We’re very, very fortunate.”

On looking into other careers:
“Well, I love the science channel. Have you ever watched NOVA? Those are always really fun. When I was a kid, my dad and I would literally watch surgeries. I could easily watch all those kinds of science shows: body trauma, life in the ER, all of that stuff. I just find really interesting. Maybe it’s because my dad was going to be a doctor at one point. Maybe I did! I used to love hospitals. That’s another weird thing about me. I remember when my grandmother — so sweet, God rest her soul — was in the hospital, I always loved visiting her there. Very morbid memory! Most people hate hospitals. And I’m not a big fan of them now, but there was something about it for me back then.”


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“She’s not here to promote anything. She’s here out of love,” said Jimmy Kimmel introducing his pal Jennifer Aniston to his Tuesday show, which debuted in a new, earlier, 11:35 p.m. time slot.

Jennifer was aanwezig als gast tijdens de aflevering van Jimmy Kimmel Live op 8 januari. Hier heeft ze flink van zich laten horen. Ze heeft Jimmy’s bureau vernield met een sloophamer én zijn haar geknipt op nationale televisie. Wil je dit zien? Bekijk de filmpjes hier beneden.




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Stepping out for a promotional appearance, Jennifer Aniston dropped by “Chelsea Lately” in Los Angeles last night (October 15).

The “Horrible Bosses” babe instantly teared up when host Chelsea Handler brought up her engagement to Justin Theroux.

Jen squeaked out, “I just got verklempt,” as she tried to keep her composure, before challenging Chelsea to follow in her example.

Recalling that Handler had stolen her chiropractor and yoga instructor, Aniston teased that Chelsea might as well copy her betrothal. “That would be a good thing to do. Make an honest woman out of you!” said Jennifer.

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Jennifer staat op de cover van de augustus editie van de Franse “Elle Magazine”. Ik heb de cover en scans toegevoegd aan de gallery.

001~1.JPG  002~0.JPG  003~0.JPG  005.JPG  008.JPG

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–  Magazine Scans > 2012 > Elle (France) (August 3rd 2012)

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Jennifer is een aantal weken geleden gespot terwijl ze de studie inliep van “Inside the Actors”. Dit schijnt een soort TVshow te zijn waarin diepgaande interviews worden gehouden. Voorlopig heb ik alleen wat foto’s en een preview van het interview. Ze praat hier onder andere over de laatste draaidag van Friends.

July 2011: Inside the Actors Studio

002.jpg  003.jpg  008.jpg  004.jpg

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Jennifer was te gast bij haar vriendin, talkshowhost Chelsea Handler van Chelsea Lately. Ik heb caps toegevoegd en een link naar de video. Je kunt goed zien dat ze goede vriendinnen zijn door de dialogen in de video.

July 4th: Jennifer at Chelsea Lately

013.jpg  017.jpg  038.jpg  051.jpg


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It was a moment in history where Jennifer Aniston took a stand. She was going to be a brunette. And there was nothing anyone could say or do about it.

“We had this wonderful period of time I do call Hair Gate,” says the woman who invented “the Rachel” long ago. “The studio didn’t want me to wear a wig. I was told, ‘No one will know who you are.’ I said, ‘They will know my name from the credits.’ ”

On this particular morning, her hair is that trademark streaky blonde, falling perfectly a few inches past her chin. Hair Gate happened when Aniston did the unthinkable and vowed to go brown in her new film “Horrible Bosses,” where she plays a dentist who sexually harasses her assistant (Charlie Day).

“I’m the one who insisted on the dark hair,” Aniston says. “I was doing a movie right before this and one after that had me looking more like me, and I knew this character had to be different.”

The studio balked at a brown wig with a row of bangs.

“There was just no way I could be saying those words and not look somewhat different,” says Aniston.

When she lost her regular self in the mirror, “I just felt such a freedom,” she insists. But she wasn’t that free. Aniston is happy to clear up a rumor that she does a topless scene in “Horrible Bosses.” The raciest moment is a mostly discreet scene in an open medical jacket with no shirt and bra underneath.

“I have idea where those rumors started, but it’s a good rumor,” Aniston says with a twinkle in her eye. What about the rumor that the secret topless scene will appear in the DVD? “Not true at all,” she says with a giggle. “Where do these things start?”


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