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ze werd bekend als Rachel in Friends en vele filmprojecten
later staat ze nog altijd aan de top.
Je kent haar namelijk vast wel van films als "The Bounty
Hunter", "Marley And Me", "Just Go With It" en haar
laatste kaskraker "Wanderlust", waarin ze samen
met Paul Rudd speelt.
Op deze site vind je alle nieuwtjes, info en roddels
over Jennifer. In de mega grote gallery vind je
alles over haar films, captures, posters en nog veel
meer. Deze site wordt een aantal keer per week
geupdate en ik houd je op de hoogte van Jennifers privé
leven én haar werk.
Veel plezier en ik hoop je snel terug te zien!

They’re quite the showbiz couple and Jennifer Aniston made sure she was front-and-center as he boyfriend Justin Theroux’s new HBO series “The Leftovers” made its premiere in New York City last night (June 23). Sporting a snazzy black getup, the “We’re the Millers” hottie was all smiles as she arrived on her hunky beau’s arm at the NYU Skirball Center.

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The terrific trio of Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day helped make “Horrible Bosses” a $209 million success back in 2011, and now they’re back for round two.

Warner Bros just unleased a new teaser trailer for “Horrible Bosses 2,” also starring Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Chris Pine.

And given that the film is slated to hit theaters on November 26th, it looks like the perfect flick to help break up the stress of the holiday season kickoff.

Per the synopsis, “Dale, Kurt and Nick decide to start their own business but things don’t go as planned because of a slick investor, prompting the trio to pull off a harebrained and misguided kidnapping scheme.”

She’s pretty darn near flawless and Jennifer Aniston pulls off yet another picture perfect pose in the latest Smartwater ad campaign. The 45-year-old “We’re the Millers” actress dons a pair of blue jeans and a slim-fitting white tank top as she looks up at a beautiful blue sky. Aniston’s new spot also coincides with Smartwater’s new website launch, billed as a “refuge of calm serenity as guests are whisked through the clouds.” Since 2007, Jennifer has served as the face of the premium water brand, helping them to become one of the top companies in the industry.

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Jennifer is sinds kort mede-eigenaresse en gezicht van haarverzorgingsmerk ‘Living Proof’. Een aantal dagen geleden heeft het merk een speciale site gelanceerd met vele reclames, filmpjes en interviews van Jennifer, waarin ze reclame maakt voor het merk. Ook is er een campagne gelanceerd met advertenties die in Amerikaanse bladen te vinden zijn. Ik heb een sectie aan de gallery toegevoegd met al het ‘Living Proof’ materiaal wat er momenteel te vinden is. Je kunt alles bekijken door op onderstaande links te klikken.

Bezoek de website van ‘Living Proof’ hier.

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Ik heb 3 stills van Jennifers nieuwe film ‘Life Of Crime’ aan de gallery toegevoegd. Bekijk ze hier beneden.

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- 2014 – Life of Crime > Movie Stills

Working with Jennifer Aniston sounds like it was a dream for Life of Crime’s director Daniel Schechter.

“She wanted to do everything,” he told PEOPLE on Tuesday of the actress, 45. “She wanted to do the stunts and the difficult scenes over and over again until we got it right. I was pleased that she pretty much did anything I asked her to do. If I had the balls or brains to ask her to do something, she was really game to deliver for the movie.”

The film, both in theaters and On Demand on Aug. 29, is based on Elmore Leonard’s novel The Switch, which is about a kidnapped woman’s husband not wanting to pay her ransom. PEOPLE has a first look at the film’s poster.

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Het eerste publieke optreden van Jennifer in 2014 is een feit. Ze was op 9 mei gespot bij de opening van een nieuwe ‘Living Proof Style’ winkel. Bekijk 2 foto’s in de gallery.

Aniston was enduring the damp chill of Cambridge last week to check the progress at the first retail space of the hair care company that she co-owns. Living Proof is currently sold online and in stores, but the company is opening its first free-standing store in Kendall Square at the end of August. It’s not opening here because Aniston is a fan of our delayed springs, but because the formulas used in the shampoos, conditioners, and a host of styling products, were developed by an MIT scientist. Aniston was at a loss to describe the technology behind the products, but it happened something like this: MIT Koch Institute professor Robert Langer teamed with fellow scientists to create Living Proof. A team of medical, pharma, and biotech scientists from outside the beauty industry were brought in to look for new solutions to hair care problems. In 2008, the team discovered a humidity-blocking molecule. That was the breakthrough that convinced Aniston to get involved a few years later.


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Al weken ben ik hier druk mee, de screencaptures van seizoen 1 van Friends. Jennifer speelde hier Rachel Green en met deze rol is ze definitief doorgebroken als actrice. Eindelijk zijn de screencaps klaar. Je kunt ze hier beneden al bekijken of in de gallery. Daar kun je komen door op de links hier beneden te klikken.

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Jennifer staat op de cover van ‘Look’ Magazine, the uitgave van 5 mei 2014. Ik heb een aantal kleine scans toegevoegd aan de gallery. Dit is de eerste cover van 2014 voor Jennifer. Ook heb ik scans kunnen vinden van Jennifers nieuwe reclamewerk, genaamd Aveeno. Dit is een gezichtsmaskertje, waar Jennifer reclame voor maakt. Dit is al eerder aangekondigd, dat Jennifer haar naam aan dit merk had gekoppeld. Sinds kort staan de reclames in veel Amerikaanse magazines. Bekijk twee scans van de reclame hieronder.

displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg

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28 April 2014 | Leave a Comment | Cake, Candids, Gallery

Hard at work on a Tuesday (April 22), Jennifer Aniston shot scenes for her new film “Cake” in Los Angeles. Dressed down for the role in a white tee and a grey sweater, the “Friends” alum kept the sun off with a wide brimmed hat between scenes.

displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg

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