Welcome to Anistunned. A large fansite for actress Jennifer Aniston since 2009. She was recognized by the big public when she played 'Rachel Green' in the tv-sitcom 'Friends'. She played many big roles and won several prices for her work. Her latest movie 'Mother's Day' was also a huge succes. Her next big films will be 'Storks' and 'The Yellow Birds'. Beside a huge gallery and tons of information I plan to give you all the latest on Jennifer We hope you enjoy the site & please come back soon.
About the site

Jennifer Aniston was on my wish list for some time. I’ve been a fan of Jennifer since Friends. I loved her character Rachel so much that I copied outfits and quotes. I’ve been following Friends since season 3. I watched every episode a few times and bought the dvd-sets to be able to watch every episode again and again. I watched a lot of films of her, just because she was in them. I had a lot of free time in one of my vacation: I decided to make a fansite for her. The domain was bought by myself and I started being hosted by Gertie, from the late Fan sites.

I build the site from September till December, screen capping Friends took so much time. It’s still not complete, but I had to promise myself not to stress about it and just see it as a work in progress. The site was deleted by accident and I had to rebuild everything. That took a long time, thank God I had a backup. I moved out from Fan Sites and moved in to Free Fansite Hosting where I have a solid home now. I bought a new domain name and i’m in the process of adding more to the gallery. I am so grateful that Jennifer is still busy making films and still attending events. So I have still a lot to add. <3